Energy Healing & Spiritual Counseling in Los Angeles and Carson City

Energy Healing & Spiritual Counseling in Los Angeles and Carson City
Welcome to Sunshine Mind Consulting, Maryna's trusted source for spiritual wellness in Los Angeles and Carson City. She offers over 40 years of experience in the field, and her journey has led her to create a space where individuals can connect, heal, and evolve.

Maryna is dedicated to helping you rediscover your true self and reach your full potential. Through her spiritual counseling, channeling, Eden Energy Medicine Coaching, and Qigong Healing sessions, she can provide you with guidance, support, and knowledge that can help you elevate your consciousness and reach your goals.

As a part of the community, you will experience Maryna's presence of authenticity and compassionate care while receiving invitational channeled sessions with Ata, a pure stream of consciousness that helps individuals remember and realize their true divine nature. You can also experience her healing methods with the nine energy systems. Transformational journeys start with just one step!

The goal of Sunshine Mind Consulting is to help you reach your optimum potential. As you activate the magnificent being that you truly are, you can find inner peace, enhance your self-expression and creativity, reduce stress, and achieve a holistic approach to health.

The well-being and global network of conscious-oriented professionals involved with Maryna provide a unique opportunity to connect over healing and growth by exchanging insights, experiences, and resources. This support system can provide invaluable guidance as you embark on your sacred healing journey.

Not only does she bring a lifetime of experiences, but she has also received an education in applied kinesiology, depth psychology, and more. Eyes closed or wide open, her views are usually focused on inter-dimensional connectivity, elevated consciousness restoration, and balancing the bio-field.

Join Maryna today in her transformative practice and take the first step towards a happier and healthier you. Whether it's to heal from physical pain or mental struggles or simply to explore self-healing methods, her practice promises to provide enlightening and empowering insights. With her help, it is possible to uncover the beauty of a journey called Life.

To book Maryna's spiritual counseling sessions or start a journey of healing and growth, simply choose your service of preference and click on the "Book" button.