Energy Healing & Wellness Journey

Energy Healing & Wellness Journey
As a wellness and spiritual counselor, Maryna is dedicated to supporting clients' physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Her knowledge and expertise in those areas go beyond just communication; she is committed to actively engaging in meaningful conversations to assist in identifying and resolving inner conflicts. She is equipped to assist clients in cultivating a mindset that fosters overall wellness, enabling them to experience serenity, balance, and well-being.

Whether it's coping with lifestyle-related stress, managing overwhelming emotions, or spiritual development, Maryna is here to facilitate a more fulfilling life for her clients. Her holistic approach covers everything from emotional and spiritual healing to physical wellness, including supporting cognitive function and longevity. She understands the complex nature of well-being, which is why she addresses the individual's unique needs in order to identify the most appropriate strategies and tools for personal growth.

To empower individuals on their journey towards personal growth, Maryna doesn't just provide a ‘fix’; she provides insight and emotional guides that support lasting answers. She strives to empower clients to make their own decisions and become more aware of their bodies and minds. Naturally, since she holds a mixture of orthodox and holistic teachings, she employs a choice of various approaches (ascendant, Eden Energy Medicine, and traditional talking therapies). As a result, she is able to pinpoint the exact areas in need of adjustment using simple exercises done daily in 10 minutes or less.

After her clients apply what they have learned, oftentimes they experience compassion for themselves and others, greater clarity, higher levels of confidence and satisfaction, inspired creativity, and improved overall quality of life. To unlock the potential for growth and well-being, Maryna offers customized sessions, support, and guidance—all tailored to your unique journey and needs.

So, if you're ready to embrace a more fulfilling life, explore and understand the root causes of inner conflict, and seek out new and meaningful experiences, Maryna invites you to contact her. Let's collaborate towards a life that is balanced, holistic, and socially and spiritually connected.