Maryna Allan
Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner

Maryna Allan is a seeker of truth and inner peace. As a teacher of self-awareness, having grown through extreme life challenges, her primary spiritual practice is spending deep time in nature. This allows one time to release fear, develop connection to the higher-self and raise one's vibration. Her passion is guiding others to their 'true' self and original nature. 

Maryna holds a BA degree in Physical Education & Dance and an MFA in Dance Performance & Choreography. She has worked as a certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner since 2012 and also holds teacher certifications from China in both Tai Chi and Qigong. She has taught from preschool to older adults at public and private schools and colleges and centers she opened in Phoenix, Hawaii and Los Angeles. She continues to see students and clients several times a year at in LA. 

In addition, Maryna trained over 30 years in other modalities such as EFT, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Aromatherapy, Yuen Method, Sound Healing, Homeopathy, Consciousness Bars, Herbal Medicine, Acupressure, and with Shamans & Wisdom Keepers from various Indigenous traditions.

In 1994 Maryna was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disorder and could barely walk or function cognitively. There were few medical interventions offered so she sought holistic medicine for answers. After studying Therapeutic Touch with Nursing PhD Dora Kunes, Maryna started sharing this healing practice with others. In the process of sending energy through her hands (with compassion and focus) her symptoms soon disappeared and she recovered full health. This prompted her to delve even deeper into the healing arts.

Maryna believes that the reason she created an autoimmune disorder was because she felt it necessary to forgo her passion and profession as a dancer when she became a single mother in 1990 for a more 'stable' career as a program director in early childhood education.

She realized after the fact that choreographing and teaching kept her healthy and vibrant, so she returned to directing children’s dance programs. Maryna started Heartplay Dance Theatre in 2001 while she continued with Hawaiian studies and other healing practices.

Maryna’s training in Hawaiian Spiritual Healing (La’au Kahea) and Energy Clearing (Ho'oponopono) started in 1996 with well-known Kahu and Kahuna Lanakila Brandt. She continued her Ho’oponopono training with Dr. Hew Len in 1998. Some years later she sustained a very serious dance injury which moved her into the direction of Qigong.

A dedicated practice of Qigong and Tai Chi healed her hamstring and ankle injuries so she decided to create a new movement practice called MaHa 9 that combines gentle dance warm-ups, simple Tai Chi movements, Qigong mental & movement practices and Eden Energy Medicine Exercises. She launched MaHa 9 in New York City in 2019 and continues to offer classes via Zoom.

Maryna plans to offer MaHa 9 workshops and retreats this Fall in Los Angeles and Lake Tahoe, California. She currently resides in Washoe Valley, Nevada where she is focused on writing a parenting book with children’s energy exercises. She will also be hosting a weekly talk-show on Voice-America this Fall called 'The Sunshine Mind Show for Vibrant Energy, Health and Heart-Healing'.

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