What is the Qi-Field like at the Hexianju Qigong Center?

What is the Qi-Field like at the Hexianju Qigong Center?
Posted on July 31st, 2023

I have been traveling to the tropical island of Hainan in China since 2007 to learn and practice Qigong, I have been experiencing what is referred to as the “Qi-field”. “Qi” essentially means ‘life force energy’. Without it we are lifeless. Sometimes Qi or energy gets deficient, stagnant or blocked. A Qi-field is an energy-field that is created wherever humans and nature exist, namely everywhere. 

Some Qi-fields feel really good— supportive, peaceful, harmonious and life-affirming. Others can feel dark and not so joyful. Your home has a Qi-field. When it is tidy and clean it feels comfortable to be in and when it is cluttered and unclean it can feel a little chaotic. Your body has it’s personal Qi-field as well. The same principles apply.

The Qi-field here at the Qigong Center on Hainan Island is very harmonious as a result of years of cultivation through the practice of Qigong by thousands of students and experienced Qigong practitioners, as well as a team of highly trained and experienced Qigong Teachers. This is a place where the dominant vibration is a very positive and peaceful one. 

People come here from all over the world for a variety of reasons. Some have some kind of condition or disease they wish to heal. Others just enjoy the practice and the benefits it brings such as improved health, contentment and zest for life.

The Qi-field is also a potent and fertile planting ground for clarity, intuition, self-awareness, and creativity to blossom. This is my 7th trip here and within a week of arriving, my mental chatter, self-doubt, confusion about the future and preoccupation with my inadequacies all seemed to melt away. I began to see everyone and everything through new eyes. Like a young child, I was in the moment– open, curious and filled with awe. I started to see the beauty in everything and everyone, including myself.

This sounds wonderful and almost like a miracle, but it did not come magically or without effort and some personal challenges. First, I had to discipline myself to do the practice… basically to show up and do my best. Next, I had to pay attention and really practice focusing…not easy for someone prone to distractibility. And third I had to learn to stay present in each moment, all while not judging myself when I was unable to do any of these things successfully for very long.

To me, the Qi-field is like a spiraling vortex of energy that scoops you up, does a dance with you, nourishes and transforms you on every level and then merges you with the basic essence of nature and all that is harmonious… or ‘All That Is’. This is the desired scenario. However, the Qi-field will also magnify whatever dominant vibration you have going on. In other words, it does not discriminate. Whatever seeds of thought or emotion you plant, this you shall grow. So, if you come here feeling out of balance, worried about your problems or focusing on what’s wrong and not what’s going right in your life, the Qi-field will quickly make that apparent.

I will refer to this as being in a ‘state of resistance’ to love, joy, peace and harmony- what I feel is the dominant vibration of the Qi-field here. Like a benevolent teacher, it will continue to work with you to see your resistance very clearly. If you are open and honest with yourself, you will recognize the aspects within you that create the resistance or blocks to self-harmony.

In that awareness or knowing, a big shift can occur. The resistance will dissolve and balance will come.

Once you see the ‘root’ causes of your dis-ease or dis-harmony, life will cease to create more evidence to support that. The dominant vibration (eventually harmony, peace, contentment, happiness or a combination) will prevail and in time this will be your experience, not the dis-harmony that comes from resistance.

The Qi-field will meet you where you are and guide you back home to the truth of yourself… sometimes smoothly with few or no detours or obstacles, and sometimes with the brakes on, flat tires or steam coming from the engine.

But you Will arrive, sooner or later, depending on your willingness to self-reflect and ask “what is going on inside of me that my soul wants me to look at and take responsibility for?” “What is the pattern here?” “What is my role in all of this and what emotion or character trait is crying out for balance…?”

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