Harnessing the Power Within - An Odyssey of Transformation with Maryna Allan

Harnessing the Power Within - An Odyssey of Transformation with Maryna Allan

In a universe brimming with unseen energies and untapped potential, Maryna Allan stands as a radiant beacon, guiding individuals towards their true essence and awakening the dormant powers within. As an accomplished International Teacher, Speaker, Energy Coach, and Healing Facilitator, Maryna’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Her unwavering commitment to empowering others and co-founding the transformative Be The Change Energy Center has carved a path of enlightenment for countless seekers worldwide. Join Mystic Mag on an awe-inspiring odyssey, as we explore the profound wisdom and profound impact of Maryna Goldhart’s work in the realms of energy healing, personal growth, and holistic transformation. From unlocking the secrets of ancient wisdom to unraveling the mysteries of consciousness, get ready to embark on a transformative voyage alongside a true luminary in the world of spiritual awakening – Maryna Goldhart.

As a teacher, speaker, and energy coach, what motivated you to pursue such a diverse range of roles? How do they complement and enhance each other in your work?

In Eden Energy Medicine we have a saying “follow the energy “. I can’t say I intentionally set out to be doing what I’m doing now, namely, working as a teacher, healer and energy coach. It was a natural progression. I started as a dancer and dancers generally support themselves through teaching.

It became apparent that I had a special gift for uplifting, motivating and inspiring others. Also, when I was teaching I felt alive and vibrant. It was not an effort or anything I really needed to prepare for. It was as though I was channeling all the information I had collected in a way that people could grasp and integrate.

Above all, I have always felt a strong drive and desire to be of service and to help humankind and mother earth in any way I can. I believe I have been blessed with the gifts of creativity, teaching and healing. This is how I choose to be an expression of God’s wonderment in the world.

I have always been a passionate student- constantly expanding my sphere of information, wisdom and awareness. Generally, I sought out tools in response to health issues I was facing. Throughout my life I have been challenged by stress and anxiety so I learned an ‘energy psychology’ modality called EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping. This, combined with Eden Energy Medicine helped calm my flight-flight response and decrease anxiety.

I recall a client who came to me with extreme fear of flying. She needed to return to her native home in Belgium in two weeks. Her past flying experiences were very traumatic. She became hysterical on airplanes, forcing the pilot to turn around so she could be removed. Because of this she boarded a cruise ship for her arrival in Los Angeles.

If she did not get on her flight in two weeks immigration would arrest her. So, I taught her techniques that I learned from Donna Eden such as holding the ‘Neurovascular points’ on the forehead and temples. I showed her how to calm her fight-flight meridian and do EFT tapping techniques. My intention was to give her tools that she could use before and during the flight.

I was not very hopeful that she would have a positive outcome because we needed more time. However, in our last session I gave her an energy balancing treatment- holding her points and calming triple warmer (fight-flight) and other systems associated with the nervous system.

We only had three sessions together. And I was quite surprised when a few days later she let me know she made it to Belgium without any panic attacks or hysteria! This is when I became a true believer in the power of these very simple and effective practices.

What are some of the common misconceptions or misunderstandings people have about energy healing, and how do you address them in your sessions?

For many, energy healing is an enigma, and one size does not fit all. There are multiple modalities that fall under the category of energy healing. Since Reiki has become more well-known, people often assume this is what I do.

However, Eden Energy Medicine is not Reiki or other styles of energy healing in that it requires a minimum two-year intensive training course. Donna Eden works with 9 energy systems: Meridians, Chakras, Aura, Electrics, Radiant Circuits, Fight Flight or Triple-Warmer, 5 Rhythms/Elements, Assemblage Point and Celtic Weave.

In addition, Touch for Health kinesiology testing helps us determine where the energy blockages are through a series of energy or muscle tests followed by teaching the client simple exercises to help them balance their energy systems.

Another misconception people may have is that they will magically heal in one session. Because energies in the body take time to create habits that challenge health & wellness, it may take some time to reestablish new healthy energy habits and balance meridians and chakras.

Most importantly, the client is given simple tools and techniques they can use at home, which is hugely empowering. People can chart their own progress by the way they feel. The more they do the simple exercises, the faster they progress.

What type of services do you offer?

Currently, all of my offerings are accessed online at www.sunshinemind.us for Zoom or phone consultations. In addition to Eden Energy Medicine Coaching, I offer Qigong Healing. This is a very specialized practice I learned in China from a renowned healer.

In the past I only offered Qigong Healing to those who had very serious health conditions. However, I now hear the call to help people not only heal their bodies, but also gain self-awareness so they can transcend past traumas and memories that keep us from moving forward emotionally and spiritually. Thirdly, I offer Spiritual Counseling, which is largely channeled by pure, divine consciousness.

In your experience as a speaker, what topics or themes do you find resonate most with audiences when discussing personal growth, healing, and energy work? Why do you think these topics are so impactful?

As a public speaker I find people most want to learn specific techniques to help them with physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual challenges. More than ever people are dealing with stressors that throw them into a fight-flight response. I offer hands-on practical advice and tools they can do in minutes to shift their energy and get them back into balance.

Looking ahead, how do you envision making a positive impact in the lives of others through teaching, speaking, and energy work in the future?

I was recently offered my own weekly talk-show on Voice America Radio on their ‘Empowerment’ Channel. The Sunshine Mind Show for Vibrant Energy, Health & Heart Healing will air this September on Thursdays at 9:00am PST.

My hope is to be able to reach tens of thousands of people who would otherwise not be able to access the vast amount of knowledge and wisdom I have gained in my four decades in energy healing. This talk-show will also allow me to feature some of my teachers and those I greatly admire who have helped me on my personal healing journey.


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