1-on-1 Spiritual Counseling

1-on-1 Spiritual Counseling

Maryna is now offering channeled sessions with "Ata", also known as "Ata Ka Ma". This pure divine stream of consciousness comes from Spirit at this crucial time in history to assist humans on their evolutionary transition and path towards a higher vibrational frequency to ultimately raise awareness and level of consciousness both individually and on the planet.

Meaning of the name Ata Ka Ma in ancient Lyrian: 

  • A: Source
  • Ta: Integration
  • Ka: Soul
  • Ma: Divine Feminine

Ata helps individuals to remember and realize their true divine nature. This might entail forgiveness/Ho'oponopono and karma-clearing practices to release unwanted memories and emotions. Clients will also learn processes to clear blocked energy channels and chakras to help relieve physical, emotional or mental pain and suffering.

Some experience Ata as a wise, caring and compassionate elder, who sincerely desires to help them let go and move on. Ata can magically and effectively see into the heart of a matter, and help people make the connections that are vital to their emotional and spiritual evolution. Most of all, people can come to a place of peace, understanding and reconciliation with themselves and others.

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