October 14 & 15, 2023: ‘Energy Medicine Techniques for Trauma & Stress’ Workshop for Fire Survivors, Practitioners & Community Members

October 14 & 15, 2023: ‘Energy Medicine Techniques for Trauma & Stress’ Workshop for Fire Survivors, Practitioners & Community Members

Class Description:

Instructor: Maryna Allan, MFA, EEM-CP

Learn powerful Energy Medicine techniques that work on an energetic level to naturally release stored trauma without having to re-live traumatic events.

These techniques are based on the work of Donna Eden and are also effective for calming the fight-flight response and getting out of stress as well as keeping your immune system strong and resilient.

Both days will cover core trauma techniques. Each day will offer different curriculum in the afternoon. People can attend only one day, however, coming to both days will solidify the information and offer you more practice. This workshop is ideal for anyone who has experienced trauma, whether it is recent or in the past. All these techniques can be taught to others. Everyone can learn these simple and fun exercises!

This workshop is ideal for mental health professionals, massage therapists, body-workers, energy healers and anyone wishing to work on their own personal trauma. Also recommended for couples and families so they can practice on each other.


  • Date/Place: 
  • Saturday, October 14, 2023; 10:00-4:00pm, at Afterglow Yoga Studio, 145 Market St, Wailuku 
  • Sunday, October 15, 10:00-4:00pm at Kahekili Beach Park (Airport Beach) in Ka'anapali, Lahaina. 
  • Free Plate Lunch served both days! You can come one or both days: different techniques taught each day
  • FREE for Lahaina Residents affected by the fires. For all others: Sliding-Scale $40-$100 donations gratefully accepted. This is a Fundraiser! All proceeds going to  support fire relief efforts, specifically to families in Kelawea Mauka II: Lower Lahaina Luna Community. Lahaina Community Leaders will distribute these donations directly to families in need. We greatly appreciate all donations!  
  • Instructor: Maryna Allan, MFA and Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner~ Maryna spent 20 years on the Big Island as a Program Director for several nonprofit children’s dance and educational organizations. She moved to Los Angeles in 2009 and became a certified Eden Method Practitioner in 2012. She traveled to China from 2006-19 earning certifications in Medical Qigong and Tai Chi. Maryna founded the Be Energy Center in Los Angeles and White Feather Wellness Retreat Center in Idyllwild, CA. She has training in EFT as well as SITH - ‘Self Identity Through Ho’oponopono’ with Dr Haleakala Hew Len, PhD and in traditional Ho’oponopono and La’au Kahea (Hawaiian Spiritual Healing) with Kahu Lanakila Brandt . Maryna will be hosting her new ‘Sunshine Mind‘ weekly radio talkshow on Voice America this fall. She recently volunteered with the Maui Medic Healers Hui in Lahaina, offering Eden Method energy balancing sessions to Lahaina residents affected by the fire.

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